Tracking Data Month Over Month

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Tracking Data Month Over Month

I recently moved our tracking of vendor outages from an excel spreadsheet into Qualtrics. So far it's great and the business is loving the ease of reporting/documenting the outage as well as the dashboards I created. However, I have two sections in the spreadsheet that I am unsure how to fit into Qualtrics, if at all. Below is a short explanation of these two tabs as well as screen shot, I tried to include the formulas for those that speak excel. Until I am able to account for these two tabs in the survey the business is still using the excel spreadsheet. :/ I feel like there is a way to accomplish this but I haven't learned enough about Qualtrics to say for sure. Thoughts?

There is a tab that shows when the month begins (always on the 1st), the number of business days, the total minutes (daily minutes x # of business days) and the holidays for the month (although these are more informational than necessary).

This tab contains a list of all of the systems in column A then column B - M represents up-time per month with column N showing the YTD. There is also a total system up-time to the far right.

Thank you in advance for any help or direction provided, it is greatly appreciated!


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    Have you tried making a Measure Group out of these Fields in the Dashboard Data?

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    @Heith, I have not tried making a Measure Group as suggested. Honestly I have not heard of that! I will see what I can find in KB's and the community but if you have any suggestions on how to begin I'm all ears! Thanks for the suggestion :)

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