Device Type definitions in Survey Flow

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Device Type definitions in Survey Flow

The survey flow has an option to condition on a pre-made field called 'Device Type' which also comes with 10 pre-made device type options: Mobile, Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Opera Mobile, Palm, Windows Mobile, Other Mobile.

I think I'm pretty sure on what Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows Mobile, and Palm refer to (a user has accessed and completed the survey using a web browser on one of these devices? although I'm not too sure on Palm - it looks to be a largely US only kind of mini-smartphone?)

But as far as I can tell there is no 'Opera Mobile' device type? I've heard of the browser, but not the device and nor can I see one when I search.

And then Mobile vs. Other Mobile?

And also for that matter, are these not all 'Mobile' devices? So if a user is just interested in seeing usage on any sort of mobile device then they can just include all device types? And we can be sure that any response on an Android device, for example, will always show up under 'Android' and not 'Mobile' seeing as it would fit in both categories?

Does anyone know for certain what all these device type options refer to?


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    Following this post, We generaly use like desktop or mobile. If device type is not mobile than it is desktop.


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