Troubleshooting randomization

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Troubleshooting randomization

I am working on a survey with multiple blocks.

I would like to randomize whether the block "evaluation questions" appears before or after a different set of blocks.

I have randomized blocks B and C to vary which one occurs. In one condition I would like "evaluation questions" to come before B/C, but in another condition I would like "evaluation questions" to come after B/C. If "evaluation questions" were randomized to not appear after the initial instructions, then I would like it to appear after blocks B/C, but before the demographic questions. I want the instruction and demographic blocks to stay in the same place, regardless of condition.

I'm not randomizing between two different blocks, which is why I'm finding it a bit tricky. Any help would be much appreciated :smile:

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    Hi Flora,

    I believe you can add one more randomizer there and put the "Evaluation question" block and the previous randomizer block in that randomizer and then randomly represent both of them. So they will be randomized in the same way. I have attached a screenshot for the same. Hope this will help...

    randomize block


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