Automated "other:" option appearing if...

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Automated "other:" option appearing if...

So I have a slider type of question (where you rate sth e.g. from 0 to 100) on a survey I will be using soon to collect data. In this question I allow the possibility for the respondent to add their own option and then rate it on the slider.

For instance take the question:
How much do you like...
Honey 0-100
Milk 0-100
Chocolate 0-100
Other, namely: _______ 0-100

Now what I would like to happen is that if someone fills something in on the "other" field (and then rates it), then another "Other, namely:_______" field appears if they wish to add more options. And then another appears if they fill sth in on the 2nd other field, and so on.

Is this possible somehow?

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    Yes this is possible!

    Add one more question which just has Other as row and give display logic condition if "Other,namely.." is not empty with "In Page" enable.

    Continue this with rest of the options.

    Note: Each row for Other will be separate question


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