How do external nominations work?

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How do external nominations work?

I want to allow my subjects to nominate anyone for their evaluations. And these "anyones" are not in my Directory. So I want that my subjects can enter an email address for inviting an evaluator.
However, when doing this, I first get "no results - Add Person". When using Add Person and filling firstname, lastname, email address, it shows "Person is not eligible to receive nominations"...

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    external just means outside the project, but they actually need to be part of the directory. I faced this same issue with an implementation some months ago. What we did at the end was adding everyone to the directory and allowing subjects to nominate anyone on the directory. If you have more you have multiple projects you can create a group in the directory for the possible evaluators and allow subjects to select based on that group


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    Oh :( That's an annoying limitation... I understand that in a lot of cases you do want to limit the freedom to choose whoever you want for an evaluation. But a truly 360 view would include a lot more people than those in the Directory. If I wanted to ask my best friend, or husband, ex-colleagues, customers, for feedback, that would make a much more complete picture.
    If I need to ask an admin first to add all those people to the directory :confused: Not sure if that's even GDPR-compliant...

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