Proxy or Log In As missing from ADMIN USERS

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Proxy or Log In As missing from ADMIN USERS

Hi all! I recently noticed (and reported to my customer success rep) that the log in as or proxy function is missing when I go into ADMN --- USERS tab. I've included a screen shot. Does anyone know where this moved to? Or how we are able to do this? I'm hoping this function is not going away. I use it ALL the time.
Any assistance is appreciated.

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  • AMLSAMLS San Antonio Qubie ✭
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    Thanks Matthew.....Seems it was a system-wide issue for certain brand accounts. It's been corrected. Thanks!


  • MatthewMMatthewM Chicago, ILCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @AMLS ,

    That's odd. I still have the Login link for each user in my enterprise account, so I'm not sure what happened in your case but it looks like a technical problem in Qualtrics. I would reach out to Support and your Customer Success rep for help.

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