Weekly Product Release Notes - March 2, 2020

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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 2, 2020

Pages that are bolded indicate new product features or new support pages. To submit your own update requests or feedback, please use the Feedback intercept you can find on the support site.


  1. Overall Sentiment vs. Topic Sentiment: Topic-level sentiments are now exportable.
  2. Email Distribution Error Messages: New section for “invalid domain” error (replacing SPF check fails)


  1. Participants Basic Overview (360): The Paid column in Participants has been deprecated for 360 projects.
  2. Types of Employee Engagement Projects: Updated to include General Feedback; table comparing differences; survey removed from list of EX projects.
  3. Website / App Feedback for EmployeeXM: New - Website feedback projects available to EX customers!

CX Dashboards

  1. Filtering CX Dashboards: New section on locking filters.
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