Any marketing researchers know of government benchmarks for Net Promoter Score?

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Any marketing researchers know of government benchmarks for Net Promoter Score?

I've posted this question elsewhere and am also posting it here. For marketing researchers here, do you know of any credible benchmarks for government organizations for Net Promoter Score (NPS)? While best practice is to benchmark against one's own organization and drive continuous improvement, the first question I always get from managers, especially senior managers, when I present on NPS is, "how do we compare with other organizations like us." Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks, @Kate -- I use the ForeSee report as well, and it is useful. I'd just like to have NPS benchmarks because we tend to use that measure and it's well understood, but we still get asked whether our NPS is "good" or "bad" compared to other organizations. And our scores are generally high objectively, which is a good answer. But I still get asked, "well, how does that compare to Agency X". I do agree it's a useful resource though!


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    I take a lot of benchmark information from the Foresee E-Gov report:

    It's not perfect. They use ACSI methodology, and it usually only looks at website satisfaction (because that's what Foresee does), and they tend to only publish federal benchmarks. So there isn't an NPS to compare it to. But it's one of the only reliable reports where I can get any kind of read on some of this stuff.

    Interested to see what other resources people have found!

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