Contact Import Automations and Data Transformation

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Contact Import Automations and Data Transformation

We are using a contact import automation to ingest a file from an internal database, but need help with transforming some of the data in the file we are importing. Our internal database stores first and last names of customers in all caps (ie SUSAN JOHNSON), thus the records being imported into are in all caps. We are wanting to know whether Qualtrics can transform the data so that names are in the proper case (ie Susan Johnson). Has anyone used Qualtrics for transforming data on a Contact Import Automation?

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    Update on my question. Here is the response I received from Qualtrics support: "Thank you for reaching out to Qualtrics support. Unfortunately there is not a way to adjust the contact data as it is getting pulled into the platform via an automation. If you wish for the data to show up as non-capitalized, the data must appear as such in the database.

    Many apologies for the limitation of the platform in this regard."

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