How can I get the embedded data (email address) to work in the email trigger?

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How can I get the embedded data (email address) to work in the email trigger?

I have the embedded data from 1 survey, linked to the contact.
The embedded data works for the first link, but not on the final response.

When the response is complete, the email trigger is set to send the response.

${e://Field/SM%20Email},${e://Field/Add%20Emails},[email protected]

Currently, only the email is receiving the completed response.

Any suggestions?

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    -|-To community - this issue was solved outside of the community conversation, below is what caused the issue and how we fixed it - looking at the above .qsf will not be enough context-|-

    BethG had 2 surveys that she would use. In the first survey she collected the email addresses and coded them as embedded data in the survey flow (Embedded Data field "Email = Question answer"). She then had a contact list trigger update a mailing list with information collected in the survey (think name, occupation, email, etc.). This information was pulled in to the 2nd survey via an authentication block and was eventually used to cause and end of survey email trigger.

    Everything was built correctly, except how she mapped embedded data during the contact list trigger section of the first survey.

    Incorrect mapping: [Email] | Embedded Data | [$e://field/ED_Email}]
    Correct mapping: [Email] | Embedded Data | ED_Email

    This might be confusing to somebody new to Qualtrics. The syntax that was used ( $e://field/ED_Email} ) IS how the text will look when bringing in an embedded data field, but is not how you want to tell Qualtrics which Embedded Data field you want to bring in. For that, just use the name of the Embedded Data field.




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    So you have embedded data called "SM Email" and "Add Emails" that gets populated in the survey that you would like to populate in "To" section of an email trigger?

    I do this all the time, and assuming everything is typed correctly, this should work. Just to confirm, is the block that populates the ED data ABOVE the block that has the email trigger event?

  • BethGBethG FloridaCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Yes, the ED is typed correctly. See the email trigger attached.

    Do I need to add an API in the survey flow?

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    Can you attach a .qsf file and I can take a look at it?

  • BethGBethG FloridaCommunity Member Qubie ✭
    edited May 2018

    Here you go.
    It seems that the file is failing to attach.

    here is the Word version. the .qsl will not upload

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