how to mask question text based on display logic?

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how to mask question text based on display logic?

I want to send the same survey to multiple locations in order to facilitate collecting and analyzing the response data. One of the first questions in the survey will be on location (e.g., New York, Boston, London, etc.) will have single-answer radio button choices. I want to change the display text for the question based on the respondent's location (e.g. What is your favorite flavor of gelatin? for New York and Boston, vs. What is your favourite flavour of jelly? for London) but still collect the responses in the same question. Is it possible to mask the question text based on display logic?

Using translation (en-US vs. en-UK) won't work, because it is possible for New York and Boston to have differently-worded questions on the same topic with the same answer choices.

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    Rather than allow it to display a whole question, consider utilizing embedded data. And don't mask, rather show.

    In the background put something like "JELLYOPTIONUS= gelatain" "JELLYOPTIONUK=jelly".

    Build branches so that if the respondent is coming from the UK, it assigns all the UK options. A second branch that assigns the US options.

    Then when writing your question, pipe in the embedded data:
    What is your favorite {e://FLAVORUS}{e://FLAVORUK} of {e://JELLYOPTIONUS}{e://JELLYOPTIONUK}?
    If you leave out the spaces in between the words you are translating then the syntax should all still display fine.

    Otherwise, if you use whole questions then you'll need to clean it up after the responses are collected. Which can be easy if you use SPSS- just make 2 surveys (US and UK) with the exact same Question numbers and merge them after the fact.

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