Weekly Product Release Notes - March 9, 2020

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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 9, 2020

Pages that are bolded indicate new product features or new support pages. To submit your own update requests or feedback, please use the Feedback intercept you can find on the support site.


  1. Sending Surveys with the Slack App: Updated functionality that will be live soon. We are required to publish support docs early as part of the approval process with Slack.
  2. Getting Help & Providing Feedback: New section on contacting support for FedRAMP users.


  1. Report Templates Overview (EX): This feature is currently in preview for a large set of customers. Available for Engagement, Lifecycle, and General Feedback projects. Contact your Customer Success representative if you are interested in being added.
  2. Report Template Toolbar (EX): See above.
  3. Inserting Content into Report Templates (EX): See above.
  4. Sharing Dashboard Manager Reports (EX): See above.
  5. Visualizations Overview (EX): See above.
  6. List of Report Template Visualizations (EX): See above.

CX Dashboards

  1. Sharing a Dashboard: Clarified steps, added section on restricting access to certain dashboard pages.


  • AdamK12AdamK12 Bethesda, MDCommunity Member, XMPN Member Guru ✭✭

    Thanks, @KatharineS -- the report features are all of great interest, so I'm going to ask our customer success representative to walk through them when we have our regular call with him this week...

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