Is there a way to tag a text entry question if the respondent answers it?

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Is there a way to tag a text entry question if the respondent answers it?

We have a survey that is asking questions about specific products.
Each product we are asking about has its own text entry question so respondents can leave open-ended feedback on that specific product. These questions are optional to answer. We would like to use TextIQ to group all of the comments for each question by product. Each product will be its own topic in TextIQ. Respondents may not mention the product by name in their response or use a synonym for it that will capture the topic automatically.

If a respondent answers the question, is there logic or something else that can be set-up that adds a tag into the response with the product name?
For example: _If Open Ended Questions is not blank add [Product Name] into the response. _
That way, if a respondent answers, the product name will be included in the response and will be tagged in TextIQ under the product.

I hope this all makes sense :smile: Other recommendations are appreciated.

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    Have an embedded data for each product text entry question. Using branch logic check if text entry question is not blank then assign embedded data as - "Product Name - pipe text entry question". Use this embedded data in text iq


    Using JS, before/on submitting text question, append the product name before user input.


    Check this


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    Thank you rondev! I am discussing these options with my team to see which solution we want to test/implement. I will mark this as answered once this is done :)

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