Widget to perform a comparative ranking/benchmark

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Widget to perform a comparative ranking/benchmark

Is there a way to do a ranking/benchmark widget in dashboards, so I can rank a list of stores based on a selected criteria? Something like "top 10" and then rank the top 10 stores? Right now i'm doing this by uploading manually a data source in excel with the ranking and then sourcing this to a widget with a table.
Is there an alternative to do this?

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  • ChristianBChristianB Provo Moderator
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    Hi @kubrick! If you have not yet already, I’d recommend reviewing this support page on Displaying Benchmarks in Widgets to help you get started. Your best bet is probably to tailor-make a Simple Table to rank all the items you've benchmarked. If you still have questions after reviewing the linked support page, you'll want to reach out to the  Support team, as they are best equipped to help answer questions and provide support! :)

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