New Free XM Solutions for COVID-19 Response in Education

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New Free XM Solutions for COVID-19 Response in Education

To support Higher Education and K-12 school leaders responding to COVID19 and the resulting disruption in our daily lives and education systems, we are releasing three free XM Solutions, designed by Qualtrics XM scientists:

  1. The Higher Ed: Remote Learning Pulse helps higher education organizations understand student travel, housing needs, and access to technology as they shift to remote learning, so institutions can identify challenges in the transition and close experience gaps. Learn more here.
  2. The K-12 Education: Remote Learning Pulse helps schools and districts understand student and family access to critical resources such as technology, internet, and meals to improve gaps in the remote learning experience and address challenges effectively. Learn more here.
  3. The Remote Educator Pulse is a companion to the Remote Work Pulse to help you ensure that faculty are prepared to deliver remote learning programs, while connecting you to their ongoing experiences so you can drive continuous impact. Learn more here.

These solutions are free and available to any organization. You can learn more about all the COVID19 XM Solutions that are available at

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