Drilling down on scoring

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Drilling down on scoring

My survey scores the respondent's answers about their company across a number of categories - e.g. strategy, leadership, operations.

At the end of the survey, I can easily display the score against each category (against the maximum theoretical score), which is helpful.

This is currently done at the end of the survey, just by piping the scores into a descriptive question text.

However, I'd like to be able to show how that score is 'built up' and - in particular - which questions had very low scores.
Again, ideally this would be at the end of the survey, rather than through a separate report.

I was thinking maybe I could write some JS to loop through all questions in the survey, identify those that have a score category against them, and then calculate whether or not the answer was very low.

Is this feasible to indirectly loop through questions/answers like this?

If not, what are the other options I should look at?



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    It is feasible, but may be a lot of work. Using JS, you could pipe all the questions/answers into a multi-dimensional array/object then loop through it.

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