Can't delay next button in both online and mobile

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Can't delay next button in both online and mobile

I am trying to delay the appearance of the next button for 15 min to get my participants to listen to a recording before moving forward. I have tried different javascript codes, but cannot get the button to delay on both online and mobile previews.

It only delays for mobile, If under "addOnload" or "addOnReady," I put:


It disappears completely and never reappears on the online version, but remains on mobile if under "addOnload," I put

If I put the above under "addOnReady," the page never loads at all.

If I try adding a Timer question instead and setting the enable submit to 900s, it works for the mobile version, but not for the online version. For online, it disappears and never shows up again.

What am I doing incorrectly?

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