Remote Work Pulse Now Features On-site Workforce Enhancements

KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator
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Remote Work Pulse Now Features On-site Workforce Enhancements

A few weeks ago we released the Remote Work Pulse, a free solution to help organizations enable their employees to better navigate remote work during the COVID-19 crisis. Today, we’ve expanded the solution to include expert content designed for those essential employees whose jobs can only be performed on-site or in the field.

Whether an organization is suddenly supporting a fully remote workforce for the first time, protecting employees with jobs that require them to be on-site, and in many cases, both—major shifts in the workplace environment due to COVID-19 disruptions are leading to gaps in the employee experience.

We want to help you close those gaps to better support the well-being and safety of your people and businesses.

Essential industries and jobs that can only be performed outside of the home have particularly different needs and concerns during this time (in contrast with remote workers), specifically around the environmental health and the safety of their physical workplace.

Some examples include (but are not limited to): postal service and delivery employees, consumer banking employees, employees who support essential government services, airline employees, grocery store employees, restaurant and food service employees offering take-out options, community transportation and infrastructure employees, fulfillment center and warehouse employees, employees who support essential manufacturing roles, and more.

This update is designed to support every type of business and employee as they navigate this crisis.

Here’s a brief look at the enhancements to our solution that are available to you today:

  • Enhanced set-up assistant: The set-up assistant flow now gives customers the ability to select which segment(s) of their workforce they want to gather feedback from, depending on the makeup of their employee population: remote workforce, on-site workforce, or both.
  • Expanded question set to pulse on-site employees: The expanded on-site workforce question block—focused on workplace health and safety—is included in the full remote + on-site evaluation when a customer indicates they want to pulse on-site employees.
  • Improved mood barometer: The quick check-in mood barometer survey (which is also an optional question in the full remote + on-site evaluation) was improved to make the scale more accessible to people around the world with different points of view and cultural backgrounds.
  • Updated pre-built report: The printed (PDF) report now includes analysis and visualizations for on-site workforce feedback. If a customer uses the quick check-in barometer, they can also compare the mindset of their remote and on-site employees.

How to get started:

Get started by following the steps below on this support page for more detailed instructions.

If you're not an existing Qualtrics user and would like to get access to the Remote + Onsite Work Pulse XM Solution, visit to sign up for a free trial account.

We hope this simple tool can help you - employees, companies, communities, and governments - continue to move forward during this difficult time.


  • logu_skglogu_skg BangaloreCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Hi Katharine,
    Thanks for the update.
    Is there any validity period for using this COVID-19 solution?
    Thanks in advance


  • KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

    @logu_skg Great question! We talked to one of our XM Scientists, who said you can send out the pulse whenever you would like, although if you plan to send the survey multiple times, daily or weekly may be overwhelming for respondents. It can be helpful to start with the full evaluation and then later send out targeted follow-up questions or communications to share what was learned from the first evaluation.

  • AdamK12AdamK12 Bethesda, MDCommunity Member, XMPN Member Guru ✭✭
    edited April 2

    @KatharineS Have you received any feedback, use cases, or best practices from other Qualtrics clients in the government sector regarding 1) the Remote Work Pulse questionnaire and 2) communicating results to senior leaders? Government has some unique challenges involving the types of questions which can be asked of staff. We are excited to implement the survey as a tool for our staff and would welcome any best practices that you or other users might have developed.

    Thanks for setting up the template questionnaire and reports. It has definitely helped our organization to think about how are staff are adjusting to teleworking, and how to best support them.

  • KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

    @AdamK12 We have not received best practices from clients yet - I'd welcome any users with experience in these sectors to share their learnings here on the community!

    That said, we have a few other free COVID-19 XM Solutions, including ones developed more specifically for public health and education that are tailored more specifically to those workforces.

  • AdamK12AdamK12 Bethesda, MDCommunity Member, XMPN Member Guru ✭✭

    Thanks, @KatharineS -- it's an impressive array of solutions that you have, and it's a credit to you that you're making these solutions available to everyone. Especially in this very challenging time, asking your stakeholders how they are doing is the ultimate act of empathy. It's valuable and important.

  • Asima_U1Asima_U1 Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi @KatherineS,

    Love this initiative from Qualtrics.

    Are we be able to pull reports based on the region? Question 2 in the survey.


  • KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

    @Asima_U1 Absolutely! Page 2 of the pre-built report breaks data down by these regions. If you want to customize reporting, you can also use filters and break-outs as needed to report out by region.

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