Piping text based on ranking question

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Piping text based on ranking question

I did some searching and couldn't find my exact question, but I suspect that this may have been answered before, so apologies if this is a repeat.

I have two questions in my survey that I'd like to ask about. The first is a "Pick, Group, and Rank" question where people get a list of software features and have to categorize their familiarity level from "never heard of it" to "I have used this". In the next question, I'd like to include a list of just the items the respondent has used before in the question text for reference. This seems straightforward, but I don't see a way to do it through the GUI: the "piped text" tab just lets me pick items to show regardless of response at the previous question, or I can show the rank/group assigned to any specific feature, but I don't see a way to set conditions on which items to show based on the response.

Is there a way to do this in the GUI? If not, can I approach it in Javascript and how? (I should note that I don't know Javascript.)


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    Instead of using piped text, what you want to do in the second question, is create a line for each of items listed in the first question, then create display logic for each line. You can say, only show it if it was ranked 1 or 2, etc....


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    Thanks! I may be missing something here, but the "Add Display Logic" seems to apply to the whole question, not just specific lines of text within the question. Is there a way in the GUI to make that display logic only apply to a specific line of text within the question?

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    Yes, you can add display logic for the whole question, but you can also add it for individual lines.

    To add display logic to a specific line, add the line then right click and Add Display Logic will be in that menu.

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    This question looks very similar to a problem I have and I could use the solution proposed but I might be confronted to another issue while doing that.

    My participants are also ranking different elements from 1 to 7.

    But I want only ONE of my elements to be displayed if this elements is>5, should I use Pipped Text if more than one elements could be>5 ?

    For exemple. One participant ranked A, C and E>5.

    But I just want the participant to be randomly assigned A,C or E so only one of these three option is displayed for the rest of the survey.


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