Can I edit a survey before it closes?

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Can I edit a survey before it closes?

Can I edit a survey before ift closes? A grammatical error was found and I would like to correct it without interrupting the ability to gather data.

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    You'll be able to make changes to the survey before it closes. When you enter the survey and attempt to make an edit, you'll get a message that asks you if you want to proceed since the survey is live. Once you press okay to that, then you can make the change.

    If the change is purely grammatical and nothing else is being changed, then there shouldn't be an issue. However, if you want to make a change more substantial than that, then there may be implications.

    Refer to the bottom of this page to see what changes may cause data issues.

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    The survey will warn you it may cause an interruption to answers. But in my experience fixing grammatically or spelling errors has no effect. So long as your question numbers or order doesn't change, the answers don't change, etc. you should be cleared to make simple phrasing/text changes.


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