What modifications did you make to your Remote + On-site Work Pulse?

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What modifications did you make to your Remote + On-site Work Pulse?

At Qualtrics, we sometimes struggle with getting everyone aligned on what questions to ask. Everyone has something they want to know so keeping a concise and action-oriented survey can sometimes be challenging. We worked really hard to align on the critical and the few. We knew, however, that in times of disruption and change that participation in the survey would be high. Our employees wanted to speak and they knew they'd be heard. We pulled together a group of questions that worked for our organization and we believe they are relevant to most organizations.

That being said, we have talked to a lot of organizations who have made modifications before sending it out. We'd love to hear about what types of modifications you made before distributing. Please comment below.


  • XMScientistsXMScientists XM Scientist Qubie ✭

    Some of the most common changes that I've seen to the Remote + On-site Work Pulse are the following:

    1) Updating the introduction page text so that it feels more aligned to the tone that internal communications usually take at your organization (e.g., short & sweet or deep & detailed)

    2) Swapping interchangeable terms in the survey like "immediate supervisor/manager" with "team leader" throughout the survey to match with your own terminology

    3) Editing the examples in parenthetical parts of questions so that they match your terminology

    4) Adding or removing comment questions - depending on the size of the population receiving the survey you may want to ask fewer 'please specify' options - usually you don't want to have more than 2-3 comments that everyone would reply to to keep the survey quick to finish

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