What employee-related questions is your organization trying to answer right now?

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What employee-related questions is your organization trying to answer right now?

We have heard from a lot of customers that they are trying to answer some of the following questions:

1) How are employees feeling?

2) Do employees have the tools they need to be successful?

3) Are they feeling supported during this time of change and uncertainty?

4) Are the company communications effectively keeping people informed of changes?

5) How well are teams working together?

6) Are people feeling that their wellbeing is being factored into leadership decisions?

What are questions you would like to ask your employees?


  • XMScientistsXMScientists XM Scientist Qubie ✭

    I've talked to a lot of organizations that aren't used to doing this kind of listening with their employees (we're in unprecedented times).

    When this is new it may be easiest to prioritize the topics you ask your employees about and pick a few of these suggested areas from the list. The goal of this first listening is to understand the status of the people in your organization and then pick your next right actions.

    One of the things most within our span of control right now is communication - we can increase or decrease the frequency and we can change the conversation to the topics that help the most.

    Other topics like whether employees have the tools that they need to be successful, whether employees are feeling supported and like they're working well together can help leaders get a sense for where to focus their efforts within their team discussions and if they need to course correct any of the practices they've recently adopted that aren't working.

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