Re-take survey for expired partial response

Nicole_LNicole_L Community Member Qubie ✭

Re-take survey for expired partial response

Hi, I tried doing a search but couldn't find an answer.

Is it possible to re-take a survey for an expired partial response?

One of our users would like to complete the survey and must have opened it the day we sent it but never completed it.

The survey is now a partial response that has expired. How do you re-open their link so they can complete it?

The survey users have received individual survey links.


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  • Matt_Christie_WalkerMatt_Christie_Walker Indianapolis Sage ✭✭✭
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    Did the respondent answer any question at all or is the progress at 0%? Do your survey options delete partial responses or record them? If you can close the response first, then issue the re-take link, that seems to be the way to go. Would that work in your situation?


  • Matt_Christie_WalkerMatt_Christie_Walker IndianapolisQualtrics Partner Sage ✭✭✭


    I think you could issue a retake link in this situation.

  • Nicole_LNicole_L Community Member Qubie ✭

    Thank you but, unfortunately that doesn't work as it is still in the "responses in progress" list.

    It only seems to work when a survey has deemed to be completed.

  • Nicole_LNicole_L Community Member Qubie ✭

    The progress is at 0% and the survey records partial responses. They haven't answered any questions.

    I've now closed it and sent a new email. Thanks for your help.

  • kalimaddenkalimadden Community Member Qubie ✭

    @Matt_Christie_Walker I am having similar issue, except that I cannot see that their link has ever been clicked or logged as a partial response - I can not identify it in the 'responses in progress' queue. Do you happen to know if the Survey Session ID can be used to identify the unique recipientID of the related initial survey sent out? Trying to work out how to re-issue links for the people reporting them as expired if I can't see them in the 'responses in progress' queue. Is there another way?

  • kalimaddenkalimadden Community Member Qubie ✭

    @Matt_Christie_Walker ....further to the above. As these people have no response recorded I have attempted to generate new personal links but each link generated has the same expired message :( Don't seem to be able to issue them a functional survey despite no partial response being recorded and no survey responses in progress. I have posted a separate question about this but adding here in case you see the above and have a reply. Cheers.

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