Can we drop a persistent cookie when a creative is shown?

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Can we drop a persistent cookie when a creative is shown?

  1. Can we drop a persistent cookie when a creative is shown?
  2. I've tried adding a cookie through an action set event but it appears be a session cookie, not a persistent cookie.

Here's my first scenario.

Action Set 1 is using logic to show based on Time Spent on Site of 2 minutes. It seems Time Spent logic only shows the creative on the "Next Page" after the time has been met.

However, a common use case is that someone comes into a specific set of pages, lingers on the page for over 2 minutes, and then leaves the site. Thus never hitting the "Next Page".

So, I've tried to include a second action set that fires on one of the said pages (ex. This second action set points to a secondary creative that is set to be shown after 2 minutes.

Here's the problem with my current solution.

If someone goes to, the persistent prevent repeated display QSI SI cookie is set immediately (before the creative with the timer is shown). So, if a visitor leaves the page before the creative timer is met, the Prevent Repeated Display cookie is stopping both action sets from showing any of the creatives. Boo.

The second solution I tried was to turn off Prevent Repeated Display. Instead, I tried adding a cookie to both action sets using Add Events. For Action Set 1, there is an even that adds cookie Action Set 1 = 1. Then for Action Set 2, there is an event that adds cookie Action Set 2 = 1.

In addition to the time spent and current url = logic as in the first scenario I've also added logic to both of the actions sets that reads, If Cookie Action Set 1 does not equal 1 AND if Cookie Action Set 2 does not equal 1.

This seems to work, however, there is no apparent way to have either of these even cookies persist past the session. I'd like them to live for 14 days.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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