Can you assign different permissions for different pages of a dashboard, for the same user?

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Can you assign different permissions for different pages of a dashboard, for the same user?

I have a dashboard with sensitive data and want my user to only be able to see what pertains to them (and not other managers). However, I also have several widgets set up to show the sample vs. population profile, which everyone is allowed to see. These are on different pages. Is there a way to set the permissions so a single user can see 'all rollup' data on one page, but only their data on a different page? Thanks!

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    @pceresearch - This can be done but you will need to have a few things setup ahead of time.

    1. Have an embedded data field called something like "manager name", and make sure it is populated for all the responses that manager should see (i.e. all surveys of their direct reports should have their manager's name in this field... you can automate this with branching logic and embedded data moving forward, fyi)
    2. Map "manager name" to the vocalize dashboard you care about.
    3. Add and an attribute for each manager called something like "manager name attribute" and populate their name in that field.
    4. On the page you want to restrict data, add a page filter that is "manager name" and then select "set default value from user attribute".
    5. Next, select the user attribute "manager name attribute" and check the box "Use user's attribute value directly".
    6. Lastly, select "lock filter" to prevent the manager from select different managers.

    It has been a while since I set up a role base dashboard like this, but I believe I hit all the steps. If you have any trouble, feel free to PM me.


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    It is not possible, You can dupliacte the dashboard and in fifferent dashboard you can set different access for same user, while in same dashboard i think user can be added only once.

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