Data corrections to an active survey

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Data corrections to an active survey

Dear all,

after noticing a programming bug in one of our tracking surveys, I would like to remove the incorrect data and set it to missing.

I am planning to do this by downloading the full dataset, amending it manually and uploading it again.

However, the survey needs to remain active and I am wondering if any data collected in between the data download and data upload would then be deleted?

Has anyone experienced that kind of issue before and could share how they solved it?




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    The process you mentioned won't delete any data (but this would change the meta data of responses). I would suggest to create a Embedded data in the survey flow - "IncorrectData" and set it as false (so for any respondent coming in future will have this as false). Now go to data and analysis tab filter based on the end date as before the date you published the survey after correction. This will filter out the incorrect responses. Now use bulk edit option i.e. select all this responses and change there embedded data - "IncorrectData" to true.


  • EvaSchEvaSch Berlin, GermanyCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thank you very much for this! I wasn't aware of the bulk edit option - your suggestion sounds great.

    Thanks again,


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