Embedded Data is visible to respondents

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Embedded Data is visible to respondents

I'm working with an outside panel and they need me to collect some embedded data fields for them. I've follow the instructions outline here: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/common-use-cases-rc/panel-company-integration/

The problem is that, while its now gathering the embedded data, its displaying it to the respondent in the question. How do I gather this embedded data without the respondent seeing the value?


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    Delete the piped embedded data fields (e.g. ${e://Field/id}) from you survey questions because they aren't needed there. Those instructions tell you to pipe them into a question so that you can copy them to a text editor and eventually to your survey flow. That is really the long way around. It really isn't very hard to remember that you just add the embedded variable name to ${e://Field/.


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