Generating personal links "on the fly"

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Generating personal links "on the fly"

I have a use case where we have lots of company-level information (e.g. street address), but don't know who exactly at each company will be filling out the survey. Our process will be to email or call people at each company, ask them to whom we should send the survey, and then send the survey to that person via email.

We want to send them personal links. The process to generate personal links requires a contact list as an input.  All contact lists must have an email address for each contact.

I want to minimize the turnaround between us learning the email address we should send any one company's survey to, and that person getting their personal link.

A few options I'm considering:

*Upload a contact list with "spoof" email addresses for every company, and use that to generate personal links

*Investigate whether there's a way to use the API to generate personal links one at a time?

*Use an anonymous link and string together URL parameters to simulate the effect of personal links. I'm a bit leery of this, because our embedded data payload is long/complicated enough to be a bit fragile. (E.g. I suspect we might be sending enough data to put us close to the 2083 character limit for URL length.)

Does anyone have experience with a similar use case? Any opinions on what the best practice is here?


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