Avoid duplication in the contact list

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Avoid duplication in the contact list

In my survey 1, the user enter his credentials - First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Once he enters the information, I am triggering a Contact List trigger where the contact list gets updated.

Post that, I have added a task under Action where a personalised link to the Survey 2 will be sent to user on the email address.

My problem statement - I want to ensure that when the user fills in their email address in Survey 1 and if that already exists in the contact list, it should not add it to contact list and give some error message. How do I do this?

P.S. - I am using Customer Confidence pulse survey from COVID-19 solution. Its free and only offers basic features.

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    Yes, add on email - after asking the details questions, in the survey flow add the authenticator on the same contact list i.e. present in the contact trigger. If authenticated add End of survey else continue to the survey. In authenticator make attempts 1 and also do pre fill with the pipe text of embedded data (email) which has the value of email address entered by user.

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    The prefill text box do not accept the any pipe text. Before authenticator add embedded data "RespEmail" and set its value as Q108 choice entry pipe text. In the prefill textbox just enter - RespEmail


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    You can use Authenticator in survey 1

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    How do I use that?

    Should i put authenticator on email address in survey flow?

    Can you please tell the steps? I am a beginner and have just started using Qualtrics

    Thanks a lot

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    @rondev - Can you help me with the steps

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    This is the start of my survey. - this particular question is of the type text entry with forms and it has three fields

    Now, I have added the authenticator on email as mentioned in the response. After clicking on next arrow, it shows the below screen -

    when entering for the first time, it worked fine.

    This is how i have configured my authenticator

    But it's not working. I am still getting an error. I added [email protected] again and it didnt show an authentication error message

    @rondev - Sorry for the trouble but can you please tell where i am going wrong

  • deepak01deepak01 Community Member Qubie ✭

    @rondev - thanks for the help!

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