How to allow participants to add options to "Side by Side" type question?

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How to allow participants to add options to "Side by Side" type question?

Hello there!

I think this is a super basic questions, but I can't find any answers.

Please provide me with a link if you have one!


I have a "Side by Side" type question and want participants to be able to add more statements/rows. I am also fine with using another type of question, something like a list, and hand over the answers to this question.

Not the real question, but to illustrate the problem: Imagine a "What movies do you have in your collection?" question. Some have two, some have five, some may want to list 10. I am thinking about 3 default rows and then more needed rows can be added by the participants.

I am grateful for any help!


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    The requirement can be achieved using JS.

    But, another way, is you can ask the number of movies they have in one question and then use loop and merge based on this question to ask follow up questions.

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    thank you for your answer!

    Do you know of any example/template code for this? This seems to me like a common case. (I could be wrong.)

    I also like the second idea! Could be my way to go, if the coding is not as straight forward as I hope.

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