Pulling Embedded Data Into Redirected Survey using Query Strings

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Pulling Embedded Data Into Redirected Survey using Query Strings


I am working to seamlessly redirect my faculty from one survey to another and pull over the first survey's embedded data using query strings. The first survey originates from personal links that have embedded data. In the first survey, student information is pipped into a descriptive text question so faculty do not have to fill it out.

I would like to carry all of this information into the redirected survey and have the embedded data pipped into a descriptive text question similar to the first survey, or at least have the embedded data show up in the recorded survey data so we know which student was rated without the faculty entering the information.

I then created a redirect link to the second survey which contains a query string. Since I have never created my own query strings, I started simple and only tried bringing over the StudentName field.

When I test the first survey, my embedded data displays correctly, and when I am redirected, I can see my name showing up in the URL as if the embedded data for StudentName has come to the second survey. https://scad.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_78qokJ1fvajPQXP?Valarie%20Kite

I also added the StudentName field to embedded data as the very top element in the survey flow. However, I cannot get the embedded data to pull into a descriptive text question or into the survey data.

How do I amend the second survey to get my embedded data to show up?

If I want to add more embedded data fields (from above) to my query string, how do I do that while using urlencode?

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