Matrix Table Variation

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Matrix Table Variation

Is there a way to combine the text entry and Likert variation in a Matrix Table question?

For example, in the Likert variation, I'd like the rows statements to be text field for people to enter and then tick answer in one of the columns.

Specifically, the question will be: Addresses.

The respondent will then manually input the address(es) in the rows, and then the answers (pick one) will be either Permanent or Remittance or Tax-reporting site corresponding to each address. It have to have at least three rows to give flexibility and possibility of everyone has more than one property/addresses.


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    You can turn on "Allow text" on the matrix statements.

    It makes validation trickier and you will probably need to use custom validation.

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    Thanks so much! That is super helpful! Sorry I am totally new to this--is there a way to adjust the column width to make the text fields longer and the answers shorter in the attached image? Or, can the rows and columns be reversed?

    Can I also ask a file upload question or should I post a new one? I want to specify what type of file to upload in the same block. Ideally a drop down window to choose the type of file (e.g., CV, degree certification, etc.) and the upload files respectively.

    Thanks again--your answer totally saved me!


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    You accepted your response, not the answer.

    You can click and drag the divider line to increase the size of the first column.

    Then add this JS to increase the size of the text input:

    jQuery("#"+this.questionId+" .InputText").css("width","100%");

    Start a new thread for your file upload question.

  • SabinnaCSabinnaC Community Member Qubie ✭

    Amazing! Thanks!!!

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