Lifecycle Surveys: Multiple Responses

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Lifecycle Surveys: Multiple Responses

Goal: Use Lifecycle Surveys (EX) to automate candidate research.

Use Case: I have a survey sent to candidates who just completed an interview. I want to be able to send the survey a second time (because they just interviewed for a second position).

My Environment: My Directory is auto-populated nightly. Automation is set up on my Interviewee project to pull in candidates who recently interviewed. I have Message Automation set up to send messages daily.

The Problem: By default. Message Automation only sends messages to participants whose Project Status is Not Complete. So, anyone who has a second interview will be in one of two scenarios:

  1. They completed their previous survey. The Message Automation won't send them a new link because their Project Status is Complete.
  2. They didn't complete their previous survey. The Message Automation won't send them a new link because they already exist in the Participants list and have survey invites that were triggered after their first interview.

I imagine this scenario must have been encountered by others. What have you done to work around this?

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    Hi Eric,

    we've built this scenario with an interface from to the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting system, but it should work in a similar way with other ATS:

    The trick is to use teh right unique identifier. Instead of the candidate ID / applicant ID we use the application ID, which is different for each application, even if it's the same candidate. If your ATS doesn't offer an application ID, you can alternatively concatenate candidate ID with requisition ID (job advert ID, position ID) - together they would usually be a unique ID.

    Note that this still doesn't work, if you use the same user ID (e.g. email address), so best to populate the UserID with the application ID or compound unique number you created as well.

    This may leave the very tenacious candidates applying twice for the same position. If you want to cover that as well, add the current date to the unique ID.

    Finally: what if you want to send surveys to a canidate at several points of their journey (e.g. after 1st and second interview)?. Obviously, you can just create separate surveys that are triggered by the application status signalling at which point of the process candidates are, but that may leave you with a lot of surveys and could hit a licence limit and also is less convenient to process all the data in one dashboard. We actually let all trigger points run into the same survey, but use the application status (e.g. "rejected after 1st interview" or "hired") as a meta data field, which controls the survey flow, so candidates get meaningful questions depending on where they are in the process and it's also used as a filter or driver in the dashboards and analysis.

    I hope this helps!

    Would love t hear how you are going ahead and which ATS you are connecting with.

    best wishes



  • ericnelsonericnelson milwaukee, wiCommunity Member, XM Advocate Qubie ✭

    Wow. That's super-helpful. Thanks, Sven. I think we can use Application ID.

    A couple initial follow-up thoughts--just to ensure I'm tracking with you.

    • It sounds like you've abandoned the idea of having a 1-to-1 relationship between worker/candidate and Qualtrics user. Is that correct? If so, since Qualtrics is designed around the the 1-to-1 idea, are there limitations you run into?
    • I have a different, yet related, use case that maybe you can help me with. It has to do with surveying the hiring managers. It's slightly different, so I'm going to start a new thread.

    Thanks again!

  • SringlingSringling Frankfurt/Brussels/LondonCommunity Member, XMPN Member Qubie ✭

    Hi Eric,

    that’s correct. In this scenario, a candidate can have more than one record in the directory. We’ve tested this extensively and no problems. However, I’d recommend you check with your Qualtrics contact, whether there could be an impact on your subscription license.

    Also: we reduced the number of sent survey invites plus avoid data privacy issues (as candidate data is saved on an additional server, when it goes to Qualtrics): We have a tickbox in our application form in SAP SuccessFactors, where candidates can say that they are happy to be included in a survey. Those, who don’t agree, are filtered in the interface, so not sent to Qualtrics. We also believe this brings more responses, as the simple click creates a bit of a psychological contract to actually take the survey, when it comes later.

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