Weekly Release Notes - May 4, 2020

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Weekly Release Notes - May 4, 2020

Entries that are bolded indicate recent product updates. To submit your own support page update requests or feedback, please use the Feedback intercept you can find on the support site.

COVID-19 XM Solutions

  1. Frontline Connect: Connect to employees on the frontline and help them handle customer challenges with this pre-configured survey and dashboard.
  2. Digital Open Door: Digital CX solution for keeping customers updated with your company’s COVID-19 response. Includes pre-configured survey, dashboard, and Website Feedback project.
  3. COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse 2.0: An updated version of the Customer Confidence Pulse, with an improved survey and new pre-configured dashboard. 
  4. Return to Work: A pre-configured survey and report optimized for gathering data on employee challenges when preparing to return to work.
  5. COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse Solution: Clarifications as a result of the 2.0 launch.


  1. Setting Brandwide Default Options for “From” and Reply-To Email Addresses: Clarifications to functionality and instructions on how to use defaults once set.
  2. Setting Up the Offline App: New section about app settings with 2 new features: ability to pin-protect the app & to delete all data from the app. 
  3. Collecting Responses: New section clarifying project statuses & how to switch between them. 
  4. Deactivating Your Free Account: If you have a free account, you can now delete it yourself.


  1. Dashboard Settings (EX): New feature: “limit page filters to selected data source” to determine which data sources can be used in dashboard page filters.

CX Dashboards

  1. Significance Testing in Simple Charts & Simple Tables: Simple charts now support significance testing for Custom Metrics and Averages.


  1. MaxDiff TURF Simulator: Use TURF Analysis to analyze your MaxDiff results.  
  2. Conjoint / MaxDiff Report Sharing: Create a public report for conjoint & maxdiff projects.


  1. Zendesk Integration: UI updated.
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