Daily Pre-Screening Questionnaire for Employees

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Daily Pre-Screening Questionnaire for Employees

As part of the Return to Work guidance published by many states and accrediting bodies, healthcare organizations need to screen all staff at the beginning of their shift for fever and other signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19. In order to document that we have completed this screening, I have created a survey using the Qualtrics tool and staff will take the survey before they report for their shift. However, I am now stuck with how to reasonably operationalize an audit process that would ensure each employee who has reported to work has also taken this survey WITHOUT creating extra work for our already overworked supervisors. If I set up the survey to send a report to the supervisor every time that a survey is completing, that doesn't easily narrow down the individuals who SHOULD have taken the survey because they are punched in. Any thoughts?

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    Hi @MMK0513 ! If you have not yet already, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team with this question, as they will be able to provide support on how best to set up and administer the survey.


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    @MMK0513 have you made any progress on this?

    I'm working through the same thing. I'm currently exploring the possibility of a process that involves:

    1. create logic within the survey so that a decision - cleared for work or not cleared for work (with instructions for what to do next) - appears at the end of the survey for the employee to see.
    2. The daily decision would also be emailed to the employee.
    3. when the employee shows up for work, they have to show their "clear for work" email before they can start work each day.
    4. "not cleared for work" responses trigger an email to a supervisor, or a single central HR type person.

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