Community Hall of Fame

LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator

Community Hall of Fame

To earn a spot in our Community Hall of Fame, you must achieve the Sage rank or beyond through our Rank & Rewards program. The Community Hall of Fame honors community members who have given it all to our community. They've managed to earn 500+ points through sharing their expertise, best practices and unique insights with other community members. Congratulations! 

Members in our Community Hall of Fame (from left to right): @mattyb513, @MsIreen, @fleb, @PraDeepKotian_Ugam, @VirginiaM, @MatthewM, @ClairJ, @ana_velez_voce, @NiC, @bstrahin, @AnthonyR, @Libertywick, @AnneG, @Rich_Boits_Walker, @PeeyushBansal, @TomG, @JenCX, @SaurabhPujare_Ugam, @Akdashboard, @SurajK, @lillianc, @MichelleC, @JulieT, @Michael_Campbell_RedPepper, @Matt_Christie_Walker, @JoycaV

Want to be honored in our Hall of Fame? Check out how you can achieve the Sage rank through our Rank & Rewards program!


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