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Allianz + Qualtrics

“Qualtrics helps us achieve true customer centricity every day.”

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Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) provides insurance solutions for the largest businesses in 22 countries. Already a market leader, AGCS chose to raise the bar by embedding total customer centricity across the entire organization. When you’re delivering products for the future, combined with a level of service clients have never seen, you need the democratised insights and predictive power of the world’s first experience management platform.

How do you raise the bar for an entire industry?

You need the democratized insights and predictive power of the world’s first experience management platform.

Planning for an uncertain future

AGCS was the market leader, but they were operating in a highly competitive market, where excess supply and declining rates were making it difficult to decide what to do next. Rather than staying put, AGCS decided to put customer experience at the center of their strategy, so that they could ensure profitable growth in the years to come.

They brought together a team of 35 key business leaders across the organization to design a scalable customer experience program that would win over customers and accelerate growth year after year. They needed a technology partner that could make their vision a reality.

The predictive power of democratized insights

Qualtrics was an easy choice for AGCS, with the world’s first experience management platform and a dedicated team of people who, from the beginning, felt like a “permanent extension of their team.”

AGCS quickly rolled out a globally consistent program to collect experience data from customers in 22 countries and 16 languages. They now have a wealth of insights. With the ability to easily filter and prioritize those insights by location and function, employees are able to see exactly where to take action next. In their words, they can “think globally and act locally.”

AGCS has used experience data to raise the bar for experience quality in countless ways, including:

  • Developing never-before-seen products so that businesses can protect themselves from emerging risks like cybercrime.
  • Elevating claims from a back-office function to a strategic client-facing function.
  • Forging a reputation for above-and-beyond consultations.

Most importantly, they’re earning lifelong loyalty from clients who see them as an integral, forward-thinking business partner.

Allianz is redefining what it means
to be an insurance partner

Allison Windon

Global Practice Director

Qualtrics helps us achieve true customer centricity every day.

With over 140,000 employees and 85 million customers in 70 countries, Allianz is one of the world’s largest insurance providers. The company’s mission is to give customers the courage to move forward with their next big steps, in business and in life.



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