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“The Qualtrics platform helps Rockend gather and analyse all experience data.”

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With over 5500 customers, Rockend provides innovative, reliable and easy-to-use property management, strata management, document management and real estate trust accounting software.


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Operating across Australia and New Zealand for 35 years, they have been the market leaders in the property software industry as a result of their award-winning customer service and leading training programs.

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Seeking clarity

Operating in a crowded marketplace, Rockend needed to continue to stand out as an exceptional software provider. They recognised that providing excellent stakeholder experiences would be key to its ongoing success.

In order to achieve this, Rockend required a reliable and sophisticated experience management platform to listen to internal and external stakeholders to analyse their feedback, and close experience gaps across the organisation.

It needed to break down internal silos to improve the customer experience, and increase customer loyalty and engagement. However, rather than starting by examining customer experiences, Rockend felt the need to gain a strategic overview of how the business and brand was perceived, both internally and externally.

Scott Downing, Chief Customer Officer, Rockend, said, “When considering potential software partners, Rockend recognised the need for a platform provider that would benefit not only the customer experience but also the brand. Decision-makers often believe they know what customers want. However, unless they have the data to support their decisions, they can’t really know for sure. To build the brand effectively, Rockend needed to understand the brand perception in the marketplace based on facts, rather than gut feel.”

Linking experiences

Rockend chose the Qualtrics XM platform because of its ability to measure, prioritise, and optimise the four core experiences of the business: the customer, employee, product, and brand experience. With Qualtrics, Rockend can engage with stakeholders naturally at every touchpoint, no matter how or where they occur.

Scott Downing said, “The Qualtrics platform helps Rockend gather and analyse all experience data. By linking all four core experiences together, we can produce powerful data, which informs our decision-making process and lets us improve all stakeholder experiences.”

“The Qualtrics team was experienced, innovative, and easy to work with. The training process was very supportive so the team was up and running fast.”

Core solution

The Qualtrics XM platform delivered the comprehensive, real-time insight that Rockend needed, so the organisation could make more informed decisions faster and improve the customer experience.

Scott Downing said, “Qualtrics helps Rockend to measure and baseline stakeholder experiences delivered across all touchpoints, prioritise and predict stakeholder needs and trends, and track progress, so we can drive continuous improvement.

“Customer experiences are now easy to monitor in real-time, making us more responsive as an organisation. As well as providing customers with the opportunity to give feedback, the Qualtrics XM platform lets us understand what the experience was like and improve every interaction. We now have a more targeted view of our customers, which lets us deliver the individualised experience they want.”

As well as providing insights into the current state of customer experiences, Qualtrics has also helped improve employee engagement. Rockend can now identify training gaps, develop top performers, recognise employees with internal rewards and recognition programs, and build stronger teams by optimising key moments across an employee’s lifecycle.

Scott Downing said, “By implementing regular pulse surveys through the Qualtrics platform, we are starting to listen to employees’ inside views of the organisation. This is assisted through individualised reports and dashboards, which are available for immediate review.”
Furthermore, the Qualtrics XM platform lets Rockend uncover unmet product needs, prioritise features, measure user experience, and predict market adoption and change. Because of its predictive intelligence technology, the platform can even prioritise key product features, so Rockend knows where to focus its product efforts and investments.

Scott Downing said, “We are continuously gathering customer feedback through the Qualtrics platform including on brand price, product and service quality. We can enhance and develop products based on the information we receive directly from the customer.” Rockend can also benchmark and track brand awareness, equity, and perceptions through the Qualtrics platform.

Bottom Line

Scott Downing

Chief Customer Officer

Rockend + Qualtrics

"It was a massive shift for us to move away from just managing the business according to conventional metrics. We know that customers have an important opinion and each time they give feedback, it’s a gift."

Qualtrics has helped Rockend to prioritise stakeholder experiences, resulting in a positive impact for customers, employees, and the organisation’s bottom line.

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