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Research & Results 2018 - Qualtrics Workshop

Connecting customer journeys for a truly holistic CX program

Leonie Brown | Subject Matter Expert – Customer Experience

Happy customers are proven to be more loyal. They buy more, they refer friends and they provide feedback. Their experience with a product or service is key for their perception and resulting relationship with a brand.

To better understand where customers have product or service experiences, marketers will draw customer journeys to map out individual touch-points.

In this workshop participants will learn how to use a customer journey map as a design framework for experience research.

The idea behind journey analytics is to help optimize where effort is put, where budget is allocated and to define what is most important to customers at what point in their journey. To measure meaningful metrics and provide useful KPIs, it is imperative to understand which specific moments in a customer journey are emotionally loaded for customers, and what matters to them at these points. The backdrop also reflecting the customer eco system (e.g. B2B2C) in the research design.

In this workshop Qualtrics presents how individual journeys are brought together to form a full customer lifecycle, while considering the main differences of B2B-customer and B2C-customer relationships and different KPIs that are more important at different stages of the journey.

The outcomes of this workshop will help you to map your customers’ experience and your operational KPIs to your customers’ journey.