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The Complete Guide to B2B Customer Experience

Much of the best practice around customer experience (CX) management comes from the B2C space and while there is a lot to be transferred to B2B programs, there are some critical differences between the two than require a new set of best practice guidelines when it comes to B2B. This guide contains the tips and best practices you need to run a successful B2B Customer Experience Management program.

In this best practice guide, you’ll find tips for each stage of a CX program from gathering customer feedback to reporting on the results and tuning them into action. These best practice tips have been brought together by CX practitioners at leading B2B organisations including Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Tetra Pak, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Michelin as well as some of the most respected academics and consultants in the field.

To see the full findings of our B2B panel and more detailed recommendations in each of these areas, please download the full B2B guide.

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Gathering B2B Customer Feedback
  • Measuring & benchmarking the B2B Customer Experience
  • Turning B2B Customer Feedback into Actions

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