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WorkDifferent 2021 XM PLAYBOOK

Design the experiences
people want next

Over the past 18 months, organizations pivoted to work differently and respond to the rapidly changing needs of customers and employees. Now, they need to pivot again and respond to emerging needs and new norms as they plan for the future.

As you look to design the experiences people want next, you need to ask the right questions, listen harder, understand better, and take action at every level.

Explore the stories of the brands using Experience Management (XM) to adapt to employees’ and customers’ changing expectations, and get practical tips from our experts on how your organization can work differently as you start building tomorrow’s experiences.

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The WorkDifferent playbook includes:

  • Learn how leading brands pivoted to take action and work differently during COVID-19
  • Get insights into the future of work, and how customer expectations will evolve as we move forward
  • Find tools and techniques for understanding what customers and employees want next
  • Uncover the vital role of Experience Management (XM) in future-proofing your organization as expectations continue to change

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