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Improve every education experience, from application to alumni

Discover how Experience Management (XM) for Education can enhance staff and student engagement, satisfaction, and retention. By leveraging our XM Platform™, educational institutions can make data-driven decisions that drive student success and cultivate a thriving academic culture.

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The Qualtrics XM Community is an online platform where users of Qualtrics can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Meet other educators using Qualtrics XM and share best practices, ask questions, find solutions to challenges, and stay updated on new product launches, features, and upcoming events.

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  • Keep your data safe and secure on the enterprise-grade Qualtrics platform, and have complete trust with tight privacy, monitoring, and data access controls.
  • We’re FedRAMP certified, so you can rest assured the XM Platform gives you all the tools you need to manage FERPA compliance.

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XM for Education FAQ

Experience management (XM) refers to the process of understanding, measuring, and improving the experiences individuals have within an institution with the ultimate goal of creating long-term relationships and driving institutional success.

By understanding and addressing pain points, preferences, and expectations, organizations can enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, leading to better outcomes.
XM for Education refers to the application of Experience Management (XM) principles and practices in the context of educational institutions.

XM for Education focuses on understanding, measuring, and improving the experiences of multiple people groups within the educational ecosystem, for instance, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders.

It also involves improving a school’s institutional excellence factors, such as planning, reporting, assessment, and governance and communication processes.
Schools and institutions use Qualtrics XM in various ways, online and offline, to enhance their operations and improve overall experiences.

Here are a few popular use cases:

  1. Student feedback: Schools use Qualtrics to collect feedback from students through surveys and assessments.
  2. Course evaluations: Schools create and distribute course evaluations to improve teaching methods, update curriculum, and identify areas where additional resources or support may be needed.
  3. 360 employee engagement: Schools conduct surveys and assessments to gauge employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall experience.
  4. Alumni and donor feedback: Qualtrics is utilized to gather feedback from alumni and donors to understand their experiences and measure their satisfaction or level of engagement.
  5. Event and program evaluations: Institutions use Qualtrics to create surveys and assessments to evaluate the success of events, programs, and initiatives.
  6. Research and data collection: Qualtrics XM provides robust survey design and data collection capabilities, enabling educational institutions to engage in research projects and data collection initiatives.
Using Qualtrics offers several benefits:

  1. Easy survey creation
  2. Multi-channel distribution
  3. Advanced analytics and reporting
  4. Integration capabilities with popular learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and CRM platforms
  5. Automated workflows and notifications
  6. Collaboration and sharing across users and departments within an institution
  7. Industry-leading security standards and data protection
  8. Turnkey scalability

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