Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Implementation
Key Steps and Timeframes

What are the key steps and timeframes for an Employee Engagement survey?

As with any project, this survey implementation will have key deadlines the whole team needs to meet to keep the project on track. The main phases for a survey project are shown below:

Kickoff call

The call where we kick off the project, you meet your project team, and your Implementation Consultant will walk you through an overview of the implementation process and discuss project timeline.

Finalize survey questions

In this time you’ll be finalizing your question set, to help you, we have provided you with a survey question template. Questions will need to be final at this point, so we recommend ensuring the right stakeholders signed-off on the final version.

Finalize survey messages

This is any text that also belongs on your survey site; for example, a welcome page text or any instruction text. We have best practice templates that you can adjust for your organization.

Finalize reporting demographics

As well as knowing where an employee fits within your organization, you may also wish to slice and dice survey data by other demographics – for example, age, gender or tenure. We need to know this upfront to ensure your survey is setup correctly. For further information about reporting demographics see the reporting demographics template.

Finalize participant data file

This is a large piece of the project! For most projects with a computer-based workforce, we send survey links out to employees by email. In order to do this, you need a clean list of your employees and any demographic data you wish to include. This is usually a large piece of work for organizations, and we suggest you begin early – templates are provided.

Finalize reporting hierarchy online

Based on your participant file, the system create an organizational hierarchy. It’s likely this hierarchy will need some adjustment when built, and our online tool is designed to help you with just that.

Finalize online survey

Once you finalize questions, we’ll make sure you know how to input them into the online system.

Finalize email content

When you launch your survey, you’ll want all employees to receive an email inviting them to take the survey. We have some best practice email templates you can use for this if you wish.

Create dashboard

We will provide you a general training on how to use our dashboard tool. You will then have the opportunity to configure the dashboards as you see fit.

Survey live period

This is the period where responses are collected from your employees. Most organizations have a live period of around two weeks.

Dashboard release

This is when dashboards are released to managers in your organization, showing them the correct response data for people in their team, while maintaining the anonymity threshold that’s been set. This is the final implementation deliverable on your survey project!