Employee Engagement

Survey Questions

What are your Employee Engagement Survey Questions?

Simply put, this is your questionnaire for measuring and understanding what drives engagement. Usually, an employee engagement survey questionnaire will consist of 20-50 items, worded as statements. Questions will usually cluster into “Categories” or “Themes.”

What should a good Engagement survey measure?

A well put-together survey should measure two things:

  1. Employee engagement – the level to which people feel connected to the work they are doing and the company they do it for, and how willing they are to go above and beyond in their role as a result.
  2. Drivers of engagement – what drives engagement; the things around an employee that make them feel more or less engaged. For example, whether they understand how their role fits into the wider organizational purpose, or whether they see a good career path for themselves in the organization.

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What do you need to prepare?

You need a list of survey questions that will be built online. Because this will need to be final content, we recommend you get feedback on it from all necessary stakeholders in your organization before working with your Implementation Consultant to build that final version online.

Click the following link to download the template for your engagement survey. Make any edits you wish, and let us know when it is final. If you want to see what an example survey template filled in looks like, we’ve included one for you later in this section.

Download an example filled-in questions template!

When will this need to be completed?

Your Implementation Consultant will define deadlines with you further, but for a basic project, you need to have finalized survey questions no later than three weeks before your desired survey launch date.