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Achieving growth and customer loyalty with
XM innovations

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XM Live in New York City has concluded. Session content is now available to download.

Customer feedback lives in more channels than ever—and the most authentic insights require more listening and acting, and less asking. Learn how new XM innovations will help you achieve growth and customer loyalty by capturing the whole voice of the customer.

Download the session content to:

  • Learn how to develop an omnichannel listening strategy that leverages both solicited and
    unsolicited feedback
  • Find out how Pfizer’s Patient Impact Assessment team uses proactive survey strategies with the patient community to understand patient/caregiver preferences and inform more patient-centric drug development programs
  • Get a five-step guide to building agile and empathy-driven CX and EX programs
  • Discover Verizon Value Org’s approach to creating an agile, customer-centric culture

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Picture of Pablo De La Vega

Pablo De La Vega

Head of VoC & Business Insights
Verizon Value Org

Pablo spearheads Verizon’s Voice of Customer program within their Value Segment where he oversees pre and post marketing campaign analysis, operational data analytics, churn segmentation, end-to-end customer journey mapping, and the design and implementation of all Value brands relationship and transactional surveys across all customers touchpoints.

Picture of Josh Coulter

Josh Coulter

Director, Preference Elicitation

Josh is the Director, Preference Elicitation at Global Medical Patient Impact Assessment at Pfizer. Josh has experience designing and leading projects to elicit preferences of patients, physicians, and other decision makers in multiple disease areas using multiple methods. Josh holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Central Michigan University.

Picture of Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA

Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA

Chief Medical Officer

Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, is the Chief Medical Officer of Qualtrics. In this role, she shapes the strategic direction of patient and employee experience in the healthcare industry, including technology design, research, consulting, and innovation in experience management. She is the former Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Health System and a current staff neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis.

Picture of Moira Dorsey

Moira Dorsey

Principle XM Catalyst

Moira Dorsey is a Principal XM Catalyst with Qualtrics XM Institute. During her career as an experience management researcher, advisor, and speaker, Moira has coached scores of leaders on how to find the sweet spot where customer needs, employee experience, business goals, and operations combine to produce great experiences that drive growth. Prior to joining XM Institute, Moira was a VP at
Forrester Research.

Picture of Koren Stucki

Koren Stucki

VP Strategic Consulting

Koren leads Strategic Consulting for XM Discover at Qualtrics and helps clients take a programmatic, enterprise approach to drive continuous improvement. She has extensive experience in service innovation, customer experience, and voice of the customer and employee programs, having built organizations and programs as a practitioner in Fortune 100 and start-up businesses and as a consultant to companies across industries.

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