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Aligning your CX program
to your business strategy
for maximum ROI

September 13 / 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

When your customer experience (CX) program aligns perfectly with the business strategy, it’s a powerful growth accelerator. Yet many banks rely on a sampling of disjointed reports packed with data but lack the insights needed to drive real change. Learn from industry leaders how to align and calibrate your CX program to accelerate business performance.

Join this live webinar to learn:

  • The key to linking your business strategy to your CX program
  • The 5 success criteria that drive program success
  • A tailored assessment of your current CX program with benchmarks and prioritized enhancements

Thank you for your interest. This webinar has been cancelled.


Picture of Sean Williams, Ph.D.

Sean Williams, Ph.D.

Managing Partner
ALA Consulting Group

Sean, a Managing Partner at ALA Consulting Group, helps clients craft insight-based and data-driven solutions to their business problems. Sean has 20 years of experience in analytics and predictive modeling in a variety of industries, including financial services, hospitality, and manufacturing. Moreover, he works extensively with clients to not only build their own analytical capabilities but also to ensure that those capabilities closely support the client’s strategy.

Picture of Dmitry Binkevich

Dmitry Binkevich

Global Head of Financial Services

Dmitry Binkevich leads the global Financial Services business at Qualtrics. Dmitry joined Qualtrics after a 20-year career in Financial Services. Most recently, he served as the head of strategy and planning for New York Life Insurance Company's core US business, where he led the incubation and build of New York Life's first digital planning platform. Prior to New York Life, Dmitry held a variety of senior strategy and go-to-market roles at Citigroup and Barclays Bank.

Picture of Cameron Conway

Cameron Conway

Head of CX Solution Strategy

Cameron Conway is the Head of Customer, Brand and Research Experience Solution Strategy for the U.S. High Growth and Mid-market segment at Qualtrics. Prior to joining Qualtrics, Cameron has 25 years of experience in executive, marketing and strategy roles. His past employers have included Maritz, Red Hat (now IBM), Equifax, General Electric and NBC Universal, among other companies both large and small (including a stint driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile).

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