C-Store and Travel Centers Industry Digital Event

Fueling the New Generation’s Adventures

THURSDAY, September 10, 2020 // 11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST

In 2020 our collective Human Experience is being tested beyond measures. Since March, trust has become a primary driver of customer loyalty and employee motivation. Still, most convenience retail brands lack core digital capabilities and risk letting new players define what convenience means in the digital age.

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You’re Invited

Join us for an exclusive Convenience Store and Travel Stops industry event, “Fueling the New Generation’s Adventures”  hosted by Qualtrics and Deloitte. Deloitte will kick off the event with a discussion about their research on Human Experience in the age of digital convenience and the key trends and findings.

You will then hear from Brian Dein, Vice President of Workforce Management and Service Excellence, and Ben Lawder, Senior Manager of CX Solution Strategy at Qualtrics, as they explore how Rite Aid’s Customer Experience program is helping to build a whole new Rite Aid.

Afterwards, Kelli Dillon, Senior Manager of People Analytics and Jaime Wacker, Senior Manager of EX Solution Strategy at Qualtrics, will discuss how Kroger is leveraging Qualtrics to run their Associate Experience program and to ensure the associates feel safe at work during these uncertain times. 

Attendees will then have an opportunity to engage with a live panel of several well known brands and industry leaders. Questions for the panelists are going to be collected ahead of time, however, we do encourage live engagement from the attendees so don’t hesitate to ask your questions during the event.

Join us for a live and interactive Q/A with our guest speakers!

By registering for this event, you will join industry leaders for a lively exchange on: 

  • The three big trends the industry faces and how to ensure you are prepared for them

  • What companies need to do to create a frictionless experience

  • The four core areas that brands need to invest in today to succeed in the near-future

We’re looking forward to connecting with you for what surely will be a fun and insightful event!

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

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11:00 am PST | 2:00 pm EST


Virtual Roundtable Hosted on Zoom


11:00 AM PST || 2:00 PM EST
Welcome and Event Kickoff — Speaker: Yuliya Kozyreva

11:05 AM PST || 2:05 PM EST
Human Experience in the age of Digital Convenience — Speakers: Deloitte

11:35 AM PST || 2:35 PM EST
Customer Story: Rite Aid — Speakers: Brian Dein (Rite Aid) and Ben Lawder

11:50 AM PST || 2:50 PM EST
Customer Story: Kroger — Speakers: Kelli Dillon (Kroger) and Jaime Wacker

12:05 PM PST || 3:05 PM EST
Panel Discussion and Live Q&A with Leading Industry Brands — Speakers: Deloitte

12:25 PM PST || 3:25 PM EST
Event Wrap Up