Qualtrics Event

Delta Dental Experience Day

THURSDAY, July 30, 2020 // 9:00 AM PT // 12:00 PM ET

Join us for a half-day of specially curated content to learn more about Qualtrics' suite of experience management tools. You'll also hear how Delta Dentals across the U.S. are currently leveraging the platform to deliver data-driven insights for decision making. Details and agenda provided below.

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You’re Invited

Qualtrics’ vision of Experience Management supports every facet of Delta Dental’s customer obsession and employee care. We can’t wait to show you everything around capturing these different experiences.


This event is a unique opportunity to hear from your peers already utilizing Qualtrics. You’ll learn how Qualtrics can help Delta Dental to:

  • Continuously optimize your customer experience while proving ROI

  • Enable your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences

  • Build the necessary technical infrastructure to advance your experience management programs


Thursday, July 30, 2020

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9:00 am PT // 12:00 pm ET


Virtual event hosted on Zoom


9:00 AM PT // 12:00 PM ET
Where We Are Today – Delta Dental Team

9:30 AM PT // 12:30 PM ET
Proving ROI in Your Customer Experience Program

10:00 AM PT // 1:00 PM ET
The Power of Analytics in Your XM Programs

10:30 AM PT // 1:30 PM ET
Guest Speakers from Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Voice of Consumer and Experience Measurement

  • Vice President of Experience
11:00 AM PT // 2:00 PM ET
Breakout Sessions:

Adapting Customer Experience Programs to the COVID Crisis

Adapting Employee Experience Programs to the COVID Crisis

12:00 PM PT // 3:00 PM ET
Event Conclusion