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Qualtrics Event

TransUnion Experience Day

TUESDAY, September 29, 2020 // 10:00 AM CT

Join us for a half day of specially curated content intended to help the Consumer Insights team at TransUnion take your CX program to the next level. Even though we didn't get to see you at X4 we are excited to bring you the content you missed. You will hear from CX experts on the importance of X+O data and how to use the Qualtrics platform to turn the data you are collecting into a system of action.

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You’re Invited

Qualtrics’ vision of Customer Experience Management supports every facet of TransUnion’s customer customer experience.

This event is a unique opportunity to hear from CX experts on the content you missed at X4. You’ll learn how Qualtrics can help TransUnion to:

  • Effectively connect and build around X+O data

  • Effectively use Text iQ to dive into customer verbatim

  • Build the necessary technical infrastructure to advance your experience management programs


Tuesday September 29, 2020

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10:00 am CT


Virtual event hosted on Zoom


10:00 AM CT Inspiring Action and Measuring Your Insights Contribution

10:15 AM CT
Using Text IQ to identify trends in customer comments

11:00 AM CT
The Power of Analytics in Your XM Programs

12:00 PM CT
Hear from Allison Windon on the importance of X+O

12:30 PM CT
Break for lunch

1:30 PM CT
Building a Strong CX Metrics Program

2:15 PM CT
Designing effective surveys for Mobile, Chat and other digital channels

3:00 PM CT
Event Conclusion