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Vivint Experience Day

THURSDAY, January 14, 2021 // 9:00 AM MT

Join us for a session of specially curated content and collaboration for Vivint executives and experience program leaders. We'll discuss operationalizing experience management, optimizing the customer experience in every channel, and migrating from a traditional employee experience program to an always-on listening program.

Join Qualtrics CMO, Kylan Lundeen, and experience management (XM) experts Dr. Benjamin Grander, Menon Billingsley, and Dr. James Killian to explore a roadmap towards operationalizing XM as Vivint continues to innovate in customer and employee experience. They'll share perspectives on emerging customer and employee experience trends, show how companies outside of Vivint are improving the customer and employee experiences, and take your questions live. Details and agenda provided below.

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Picture of Kylan Lundeen
Kylan Lundeen


Kylan Lundeen is the CMO at Qualtrics. He’s helped grow the Qualtrics client base from 3,400 to over 12,000 clients in under 8 years, and increased revenue by nearly 50% each year during this time. Kylan holds a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Picture of Menon Billingsley
Dr. Benjamin Granger

Sr. Principal XM Catalyst at the XM Institute

Dr. Benjamin Granger has over a decade of experience building, running and optimizing EX measurement and management programs across the globe. In addition to his client-facing work, Ben leads research initiatives within the XM Institute and has pioneered several innovative employee survey techniques and methods that are changing the way many organizations measure and manage EX.

Picture of James Killian
Dr. James Killian

Principal EX Solution Strategy

As an Employee Experience (EX) Solution Strategist, Dr. James Killian helps organizations intersect content, best practices, technology and consulting to produce superior employee experiences. With 20 years of experience in human capital and HR technology space, he also held leadership roles at HR Chally as Chief Psychologist and VP of Consulting, and led the employee selection consulting division for Hogan Assessment Systems.

Picture of Dr. Benjamin Granger
Menon Billingsley

Principal CX Solution Strategy

As a Customer Experience (CX) Solution Strategist, Menon Billingsley is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies on experience management strategies, change management, CX governance, and best practices. Prior to joining Qualtrics she was a CX practitioner at Western Union and Time Warner Telecom (now Lumen) with experience reenvisioning a mature global voice of customer program, as well as creating and building a new program from the ground up.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

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9:00-11:30 am MT


Virtual event hosted on Zoom


9:00 AM MT


9:10 AM MT

Operationalizing experience management (XM)

9:35 AM MT

XM in practice – special guest speaker from Honeywell

10:00 AM MT

Breakout Sessions

Customer Experience Track

  • Improving the call center customer experience

  • Optimizing omnichannel experience design

  • Transforming data to insights and insights to action

Employee Experience Track

  • Measuring and managing the moments that matter

  • Migrating from a traditional program to an always-on listening program

  • Improving longevity through an enhanced employee experience

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